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Support Open Access Week 2013
Open Access Week 2013, now in its sixth year, is celebrated during 21 - 27 October 2013. This global week provides us the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Open Access and share what we have learned with colleagues and peers.

In support of the Open Access Week we are making one eCPDŽ course available for free during the week (Income Tax on Foreign Exchange Transactions, 2 CPD Hours), holding free educational online webinars on open access and providing open access journal poster material for you to print and distribute within your department, laboratory or library.

More details on the Open Access Week and how to become involved can be viewed on our website.


Recently released eCPDŽ courses
Taxation and Estate Planning
  • Global Tax Newsletter - 2 CPD Hours

  • Spring is in the air
    With the weather slowly warming up, and the sun trying to make an appearance, many of us are most probably guilty of staring out of the window wishing we were there instead of buried under the Bi- Annual IRP 5's that are due before the end of October. Many practitioners should also be reviewing their client lists and thinking about whether the incredibly difficult August deadline for the preparation of February year end financials was met. Spring is a time to rejuvenate ourselves and clean house, hopefully the many accountants that have been under such pressure this year can see the end in sight.

    This month, the eCPD Accountancy website will be making the Global Tax Newsletter available for you to read and complete the assessment for CPD points. This article documents developments with respect to regional tax, transfer pricing, treaties, indirect taxes and a trend of reducing or eliminating tax incentives as well as the reactions of governments to the global financial crisis. Interesting reading indeed!

    Prof. Caryn Maitland Editor-in-Chief of eCPD Accountancy

    eCPDŽ Accountancy | 5 Oxford street, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550 | Phone: +27 21 975 2602
    | www.accountancy.ecpd.co.za


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